Why AliExpress Buyer Protection?

All purchases are refund guaranteed

Your money is safe from scammers because we’ll only release funds to the supplier AFTER you confirm satisfactory delivery of your order.A full refund will be given if the order did not arrive. If the order that you received is not as described, you can also negotiate with the supplier for a part refund. AliExpress is always on hand to mediate if you have a dispute.Learn more

Encrypted credit card payments

Your information is protected by VeriSign, the highest encryption technology commercially available. Whenever you register or sign in to our site, we verify that your Internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher.

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Payment protection FREE of charge

Transactions on AliExpress made using our Escrow service are eligible for this protection. There is no additional charges involved.

How does AliExpress Buyer Protection Policy work?

Step1: Submit a Refund Request and at the same time try negotiating with the supplier

If you are not satisfied with your order (e.g. the item that your ordered did not arrive or is not as described), you can make a Refund Request. At the same time, try to negotiate with the supplier to reach agreeable terms for a refund. Most trade disputes happen because of misunderstandings. Any refund made will complete the transaction.

Learn how to submit a Refund Request

Step2: Still no agreement? Apply for Mediation

If no agreement has been reached, you can apply for mediation from AliExpress 10 days after you’ve made an initial Refund Request.

Learn how to submit a Mediation Request.

Step3: AliExpress will mediate the buyer's Claim

AliExpress will contact both you and the supplier and mediate based on the evidence provided. All decisions made by AliExpress are final.

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What transactions are eligible for AliExpress Buyer Protection?

1. All transactions on AliExpress that adhere to our Transaction Services Agreement.

2. All transactions made on AliExpress using our Escrow service. Currently, we only support credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard). More payment options will soon be offered. If suppliers request any other options other than Escrow, please report to us from the specific product detail page.

Safe buying on AliExpress

1. All customs-related charges are paid by buyers. To avoid delays in your delivery, please check your local customs law for a list of prohibited / taxable items.

2. When placing your order, please confirm every detail such as color, size, quantity, etc. Make sure you provide the correct delivery address.

3. When your order has arrived, please examine the packaging for any defect or loss before signing for it. After signing for the order, please examine the items carefully. If the items are not as described, you can make a Refund Request.

4. Please save a copy of all online chat history, emails, etc. of your correspondence with the supplier. You’ll never know when you might need to refer back to them again.